Sunday, December 16, 2007

Making Christmas

FUN evening decorating and baking!

Kalei had such a blast, she was very serious about where she wanted to put each ornament

Great job Kalei!

She was so proud :)

Rolling out gingerbread dough...YUM!

My little baking buddy

One happy family


Brittany Osborn said...

Yay! New stuff, cute pics, what more could I ask for? You are a very cute family. I wish I could meet Kalei. You can tell from the photos that she has a really great, funny personality.

tatum said...

I miss Kalei! It is so weird to me that she has gotten so big. I remember her best at about 18 months and I feel like she should still be that old! Where has the time gone? I love that picture of her with her thumbs up! I think she might like Yo Gabba Gabba as much as my brother. He LOVES it!

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