Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Lost Richwines

Contrary to what many of you may be thinking, we really have not fallen off the face of the planet :o) Not yet anyway...

I know it has been forever and I have some SeRiOuS catching up to do! For now, here is the short version. We are no longer


We now live


So where is "HERE"? Miles City, Montana. And we are lovin' it!!


Jacob and Mindy T. said...

Aww man! You moved? Now you are even farther away! We are leaving for San Diego in the morning. Looks like you used to live by San Diego. I could have come to visit dang it. How come you moved? I have missed your blogging!! Good to see you are back in action. Get caught up girl. You have 3 days til I get back and I expect some updates! LOL

Anonymous said...


Mindy said...

Welcome back and congrats on the move. I can't wait to hear about it.

Holly or Joe said...

Whoohoo! My 'mom' is back. I have missed your blogs and "talking" to you. How fun -a big move! Glad you're lovig it! Hope the winter won't be to bad.

I'v seen pics of Montana and it beautiful -more my style than california.

I can't wait for the details!!

Brimaca said...

What in the world!!!! Why did you move? Glad you are back to blogging. I've missed you!

Carrie said...

Glad to hear that you are liking Montana! It's getting warm down in this part of the world, but now you won't have to worry about that!!! (: We already miss seeing you guys!
When you get a chance I would love to get your new address. My e-mail is
Hope you are getting settled into the new area and house!

The Van Fam said...

Yay! You are alive! I was beginning to wonder about you guys! Hey you move almost as much as we do! So why Montana? My cousins live there!

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