Monday, January 28, 2008

Party Time and Yo Gabba Gabba Cake!

Kalei had so much fun at her surprise Chuck E. Cheese birthday party! It was crazy, loud, chaotic, silly, and everything a great birthday party should be.
There were lots of friends, and lots of food, most importantly her "taste playdough" (fondant) Foofah from Yo Gabba Gabba cake!
Kalei was also able to work on her mad air hockey skills, ride the rocket ship, and lead Chuck E. hand in hand all over the restaurant.
All in all, a great day. I love having a 4 year old!


Miranda said...

How fun! Those are some priceless pictures of the birthday girl. And, as always, your cake/cupcakes look incredible!

Jessica said...

yay! finally some pics! looks like you guys had a blast!! happy birthday kalei!!!

Elder and Sister Thorley said...

We are so happy you had a fun birthday party, Kalei; wish we could have been there.

Grandpa and grandma T

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kalei!!!

Jaime - we are amazed by the Foofa cake! You are so talented! The kids want to know if it's solid fondant, or if there was cake inside of her.

Brimaca said...

Cute! She's a doll. Did you check out my new little one?

The Van Fam said...

Wow! Kalei is so old! I remember being at her 1st birthday! And yay for new pictures! I was beginning to wonder if you guys were still alive over there in CA! Hope you guys are doing good! Come visit sometime! We are back in AZ!

Tatum said...

Kalei is so beautiful! I can't believe she's 4! Where did that time go? Seems like maybe 6 months ago we were doing FHE at your house! We miss you guys!

Jaime said...

Tana - Foofah was made entirely out of marshmallow fondant, with a little help from a Wilton Foodwriter marker :)

aggums said...

The cake you made for you daughter was great! My son loves yo gabba gabba, I just had to write when I saw where you are from, I'm in NJ, but I was born in Miles City, and my mothers family is still there. I thought, what a small world! Again, what a great cake!

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