Wednesday, February 6, 2008

4 Year Old Drama

Last night, about 10 minutes after I had tucked Kalei into bed, I heard her calling out "mom, mom!!" (yes it's Mom now, no more "Mommy" :p ) So I go back into her room, just inside the doorway, and she is crying, yelling "I don't want my Sally Halloween costume anymore, I want a Foofah costume!" The funniest part about it is that she was actually asleep, a rather creepy habit of hers... It's ok Kalei, go back to sleep! :o)


Holly or Joe said...

Hey "James"! It's been forever. I've looked at ou blog a lot off of Brittany's site. Talk about cute kids --your daughter is adorable! I can't believe we're all moms! Crazy.
How do you make your blogs look cute; I'm new at this and Joe and my blog is very plain.

Holly or Joe said...

James! It has been forever. Talk abou cute kids --your daughter is adorable! I can't believe we are all moms! Crazy!
I love your blog --so cute.

Brittany Osborn said...

That story is too funny! She seems older to me when you tell stories.

Tana said...

Jonah and Curtis do this too, and yes - it's creepy!

Jessica said...

too funny! mark talks in his sleep sometimes. i crack up. btw love the new cupecake layout! so cute! glad you are back and blogging! :D i missed it!

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