Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

Chocolate plastic!! Or modeling chocolate, but chocolate plastic sounds so much cooler. I am sure this is old news to savvy bakers out there, but I had never heard of it until I got this awesome cupcake book from my sister T for Christmas, A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes, by Dede Wilson. It is seriously the most fun stuff!! Normally I just use fondant for cute cutout decorations and stuff, but fondant is going to have to move over for my new best baking friend.

Here is the rediculously simple recipe, taken from the aforementioned book:

28 oz (2 packages) Wilton Candy Melts
2/3 C light corn syrup

Melt candy melts in the microwave, in a double boiler, or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir in the corn syrup until the mixture blends well together.

Scrape out onto a large piece of plastic wrap and wrap up tightly (I used a large ziploc bag).

Let sit until cool and firm enough to roll out (or cheat and put in the fridge like I did)

That's it!! It is ready to play :)

You can use other kinds of chocolate as well, but I guess the candy melts are more foolproof since they aren't technically chocolate. I added Wilton icing colors to the chocolate when I mixed in the corn syrup, and it worked out very well. Pictures are coming...

Chocolate play doh. It just doesn't get any better!


tatum said...

That sounds awesome! Fondant tastes kinda nasty. So what a wonderful alternative. I love your new layout. Sounds like you are super busy! You're so cute Jamie!

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